monster beats headphones

Monster can produce 6,000 different monster beats headphones, including headphones, speakers, surge protectors, televisions, and accessories for cars and mobile devices. American Monster Company is best known for its speaker cable. Monster created the market for high-end audio cables in the 1980s. According to a reporter from Soundstage Network, it has retained a huge lead for high-end audio cables ever since. With high-definition televisions grew in popularity, the company expanded into HDMI and high-def cables, including a lower-cost HDMI Basic and HDMI cables with five different speed ratings. It also produces cables intended for specific gaming consoles and Apple products.

Monster began manufacturing and marketing USB and Ethernet cables as well as power strips and power management products in 2009. It has been producing its own line of headphones since 2012. It also manufactures celebrity-branded headphones, such as Heartbeats by Lady Gaga, the Miles Davis Trumpet in-ear headphones, and the LeBron James-branded headphone lineup. It used to manufacture the Cheap monster beats headphones from 2008 to 2012. Monster sells speakers under the Clarity and Katana brands and mobile accessories like an iPod dock and a line-up of Tron-branded products.
In December 2012, Monster Company and the fist entertainment brand for global home Viacom, jointly released this creative new headphones Monster DNA; in January 2013, Monster Company following to 2011’s shinning CES2012, brought a variety of new headphones and portable audio products in the release of CES2013, offering a lots of new headphones for the global fans, including EA SPORTS MVP Carbon by Monster headphones and Monster Clarity Mobile.

Recently, Beats by Dr.Dre introduced a new generation monster beats earphones , which was elevated to a higher level in terms of quality, innovation and design. The new headset can be precisely adjusted and customer BAE’s beat sound. It uses the lighter materials, increase strength and improve flexibility and mobility. And the 20-hour rechargeable lithium-ion batteries also allow people to experience a more lasting visual enjoyment.